Riviera House

project overview

Riviera House is a surf accommodation in Bali, Indonesia. It is made up of two properties, both located in a popular part of Bali, called Canggu. This region is famous for its rice fields, surf beaches, and hip cafes. In the fall of 2016, I participated in a work exchange with Riviera House. I lived in one of their bamboo huts for a month in exchange for designing and building them a custom and fully responsive website. I worked with the team to simplify and adapt the content on their existing website to better reflect the brand and overall feel of their accommodations. I helped with some of the photography, assisted in copywriting and proofreading the English text, and coded the website from scratch.

services provided

Web Design & Implementation

tools used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Sketch, HTML/CSS/JS, FujiFilm X100T


When I began this project the existing website included dark photographs and colors, very lengthy paragraphs of text, and many broken links and images. The website felt cluttered, outdated, and not very intuitive.


The first step of this project was to evaluate the existing content and organize it in the most logical way. This involved finding out more about the target users, what information is revelant to them, what they are trying to achieve, and how we can help them do that. I created a sitemap outlining the basic structure of the website to help keep things organized. From there, I began sketching possible layouts for each page followed by wireframing the best options. After multiple revisions, I settled on a layout for each page and began exploring color to get an idea of the feel of the website. The client wanted something modern while still reflecting the fun and relaxed atmosphere of their accommodations. A mix of bright, tropical colors and soft, neutrals seemed to be a good balance in depicting the feel of Riviera House.


I tried many fonts before settling on Open Sans and Roboto. The combination of the two provided a clean, modern feel while remaining light and approachable.

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