Cisco Meraki MC Phone

project overview

The MC74 is Meraki’s first phone product. It is a corporate desk phone with sleek hardware, a 7" high resolution touchscreen display and an intuitive interface. The product is completely cloud managed, making it easy for IT teams to manage from anywhere.

services provided

UI/UX Design, Web Design, Ad Design

tools used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Keyshot, HTML/CSS, Canon EOS 5D

user experience

Before focusing on the visual design and details of the user interface, flow diagrams and wireframes were created to understand how the user would navigate throughout the interface. The goal was to create flows that were intuitive and easy for the user.


A specific color palette was selected to ensure the user interface be approachable and friendly while also sleek and elegant. To keep in line with the Meraki brand, the interfaces uses plenty of white space and different shades of grey.

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