Mar Meanders: Europe

project overview

Mar Meanders is a photography website I created as a personal project in order to showcase my two month trip through Europe. It covers ten of the locations I visited while in Italy, Holland, and Germany and provides highlights, recommendations, a color palette, and a selection of photography for each.

services provided

Web Design & Implementation, Photography

tools used

FujiFilm X100T, iPhone6, Adobe Lightroom, HTML/CSS/JS


After sketching several concepts, I landed on a single page site that would allow users to continuously scroll without having to click around. I decided to break the website into sections based on the cities I visited. I sorted through the hundreds of photos that I took and selected my favorites. I wanted the website to include more than just photography and decided to create a place in each section for an overview, recommendations, observations, what I would do differently next time, the best thing I ate, and a color palette. Aiming the keep the content concise, I revised it multiple times.


During my travels I noticed that each city seemed to have it's own color palette. I kept this in mind as I was exploring each place, paying attention to the colors in the surrounding architecture and landscapes. Some color palettes were more obvious than others. Rome was filled with warm oranges and yellows. Burano was like being inside a rainbow. After I selected the photographs for each location, I studied them to pull out the most common colors.


I paired the friendly and modern font, Heebo, with a more playful script font, Cliche. I thought Heebo worked well as a clean, easy-to-read font for paragraph text in addition to providing thin, sleek uppercase letterforms to use in the overview sections for each city. I chose Cliche as a way to bring a handmade and feminine touch to this project.

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