Mar Meanders

project overview

A personal project created after returning from a summer trip to Europe. As I explore a new place for the first time, I am always so inspired by the people I meet, the architecture and landscapes I see, and the colors that surround me. After each trip has ended, I'm always left with more than I started with — new friends, an appreciation for a new culture, insight into my own life, and a whole lot of photographs. Mar Meanders is a way to give others a glimpse into the unforgettable moments I experience throughout my travels and to share recommendations. After each trip, I create a website complete with my photographs, recommendations, and highlights. Each website is meant to have it's own unique style to reflect the personality of each place I visit.

services provided

Branding, Web Design & Implementation

tools used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Webflow


I began this project by gathering some visual inspiration for the logomark. I wanted to create something minimal and clean that represented my love for travel. I found myself most inspired by glyphs and logos that incorporated thin strokes. I was interested in exploring variations of the letterform, M, as well as imagery that depicted the outdoors. I landed on a simple, asymmetrical shape that was a combination of two M's and the shape of two mountain peaks. I paired this with a sans-serif in all caps to maintain the simple and modern feel.

After finalizing the logo, I focused on narrowing in on a look and feel. I created a mood board to help inform the color palette and general aesthetic.

moodboard images gathered from: Melissa Yeager, Andrew Berkemeyer, Alex Rinker, Nicholas D'Amico, Joshua Gille, Josh Warren, Udhaya Chandran


I paired a bold serif typeface used for the main headings with a simple, modern sans-serif used for subheadings and body copy. With both typefaces, I use a mix of sentence case and uppercase letters.

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