Imperfect Produce

project overview

Imperfect is helping to reduce food waste by delivering ugly produce for about 30% less than grocery store prices. I worked with them in creating visual designs for their landing page and other various parts of their interface. The goal was to maintain the quirky and fun feel of their brand and balance it with clean, easy-to-use design.

services provided

Web Design

tools used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch

desktop home page


For each phase of the project, I was first presented with a wireframe. I would then translate that wireframe into various visual design directions and also make any suggestions of how to improve the layout of the page. After a couple of rounds of revisions with their team, we would land on a finalized visual design. I handed off mockups for desktop, tablet, and mobile views, along with specifications.

Different phases of the project included creating visual designs for their landing page and produce box overview page of the marketing website, along with the interface customers would interact with once logged in. Designing more complicated screens, such as box customization or the subscription cancellation flow, required finding a way to bring in personality while also remaining clean and intuitive.

imperfect ux designVisual design


I was responsible for creating a consistent set of icons to be used across the marketing website and the customer user interface. The icon style was meant to feel friendly and approachable.