Cisco Meraki

project overview

Cisco Meraki is a cloud managed IT company focused on simplifying technology in order to make networking easier, faster, and smarter. Products include wireless access points, security appliances, switches, mobile device management, and a phone, all of which can be managed from a web-based dashboard.

services provided

Branding, Print, Web Design & Development, Illustration, Environmental Design, Apparel

tools used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Sketch, Keyshot, HTML/CSS, Canon EOS 5D


An example of the many print projects I worked on during my years on the Meraki design team. This was a booklet created as an onboarding guide for our new partners. It walked them through our products and tools and helped them to start selling.

Marketing Website

Maintaining the entire Meraki website was a task that was owned by the design team. We took care of everything from making small updates to creating new page designs for our product launches. The design team was also responsible for the front-end development for the website. This particular example is a page for Systems Manager, Meraki's mobile device management product. I worked with a member from our Product Marketing team to create the page content and the concepts for the photography. The team worked together to create personas for different users and set up the shots of the objects. View the live version here.

mobile app

The Meraki mobile app is a simplified version of our Dashboard. It allows customers to monitor and troubleshoot their networks from their mobile devices. The design team worked closely with our engineering team to create this app from scratch.

environmental design

Meraki participates in many trade shows and events throughout the year and often requires a custom booth design for each. Each booth space and event is different but the goal was always to attract people with our clean, striking aesthetic. This example is the booth created for ISTE, an annual education trade show. I worked closely with our internal events team and a third party booth vendor to create a design that was visually impressive, showed off our products, and allowed for easy engagement and demos with our visitors. I helped to decide the booth layout, visual design, materials used and also provided detailed mockups with measurements.


Another aspect of Meraki design included brand and identity projects, often for internal use only but sometimes partner-facing. Some of these projects include a reward club used as an incentive for our sales team, an internal organization promoting women in the workplace, a partner training program, and an internal volunteer program.

apparel & Merchandise

I lost count of the number of t-shirts and sweatshirts I designed during my time at Meraki. External-facing apparel, such as the "I Cloud Manage" t-shirt, was usually simple and stuck to our brand colors. New apparel was created internally to accompany an event or to stir up some excitement. The "Meraki Pride" t-shirt was created for an internal event held during LGBT Pride Week. The "Meraki Summer Camp" t-shirt was designed for an Engineering team trip to a ranch.

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